dara mcgrath

In October 2016 we worked collaboratively with artist and photographer Dara McGrath to create a dummy photobook for his long term major body of work 'Project Cleansweep'. Over the course of three days, split across three weeks, we worked on image selection, sequencing, layout and design, with the aim of sensitively translating this multi-layered and multi-located body of work into the photobook form. This workshop resulted in the creation of a 172-page photobook dummy, with which Dara McGrath has since been awarded the Roscommon Arts Centre Contemporary Photography Award 2017.


Book made AT workshop

Dara McGrath

Project Cleansweep takes its name from a Ministry of Defence report issued in 2011 identifying 14 sites throughout Britain where tens of thousands of tonnes of mustard gas, phosgene and other lethal chemicals were made, processed, stored, burned and dumped since World War I. Project Cleansweep documents the mark of military activities upon the British landscape and provokes deeper consideration of their lasting social and environmental impact, challenging conventional understandings of place.


  • Soft-cover, printed 1-colour on Colorplan Real Grey 
  • 172 pages in full colour and black and white
  • 185mm x 270mm
  • 74 colour and black and white images, including archival material and photographs
  • Exposed spine, swiss binding
  • Indigo uncoated 170gsm
  • Dummy edition