Dummy That Image


Dummy That Image took place in the Gallery of Photography, Dublin. Aimed at photographers and artists who had previously developed their work into book form but who wished to push the project forward, the RTI team lead participants down a path of rethinking and rediscovery. Areas such as pacing and sequencing, design and text, paper and binding were revisited with a renewed awareness of each of their intrinsic roles. A main focus of this workshop was the relationship between the concept of the project and the tangible object of the book, and how the experience of the reader might be guided by decisions made during the bookmaking process. All details were considered. This intensive two days of thinking, discussing and making culminated in the realisation of four printed and hand-bound dummy photobooks.


Books made at Workshop

The Handball Alley

Kenneth O Halloran

These are relics of a once vibrant chapter of Irish life. The ruins of these abandoned alleys, mapped and photographed by O Halloran, bear silent testimony to a feature of Ireland that has perished through time and modernisation. 



  • Soft cover
  • Unbound, held together with green rubber band
  • 76 pages
  • 32 photographs
  • Text and map inserts

Shortlisted for the INTERNATIONAL PHOTOBOOK DUMMY AWARD 2014 in Kassel.

The Growing Summer

Doreen Kilfeather




  • Soft-cover
  • Singer stitched
  • 32 pages
  • 15 photographs

She Comes in Colours

Florian Braakman

In the summer of 2012 I met Isadora. She was traveling in Europe. We had a short romance.

‘She Comes In Colors’ is a visual diary about an unreachable love. Braakman photograph moments of desire and intimacy, using color for the translation of emotions. A veiled personal project in which a universal theme is shown, in times when you think the world is at your feet.



  • Soft cover
  • Unbound
  • 60 pages in 5 signatures
  • 40 photographs


Rose Comiskey

Creevy is a photographic record of Comiskey's grandmother's house and farm. These black and white photographs taken in the 1980s bring the viewer on a journey through a home filled with traces of another time and another era.



  • Soft cover
  • Saddle stitched 
  • 20 pages
  • 13 photographs

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