Ethna o'regan

After receiving a recommendation from a friend and fellow photographer, Ethna O'Regan got in touch with us about developing a second dummy book of work from her project 'Everything is within reach', for the purpose of submitting to Fotobookfestival Dummy Award Kassel 2016

Upon finding a memorial to a former East Berliner who had been killed whilst trying to flee from East to West, Ethna embarked on a series of cycle-wanderings along the Berlin Wall trail and photographed the surrounding landscape with these personal stories and histories in mind. 

Open to the idea of a complete re-design, the purpose of the workshop was to find a new and engaging way in which the project could work in photobook form. Over the course of the three days we revisited key areas of the book design, including the image selection, sequence, and overall design. Through the editing process we collaboratively selected images, some of which featured in the original dummy and others that found new relevance within the developing dummy, although not previously included. Following this we moved onto the sequencing stage and began to build the book's narrative. Portraits from the 6 memorials became key images throughout the book, around which images from Ethna's cycle-wanderings flowed to give a sense of the surrounding landscape. With an initial edit and sequence developed, we began to work on the new dummy design. The aim was to create a space for the images to lead the viewer on a journey, guided by visual and textual clues, yet remaining somewhat ambiguous until further context was given at the books end. 

The workshop resulted in the creation of three hand-bound dummy photobooks and accompanying text booklet.


everything is within reach / Alles ist erreichbar

Ethna O'Regan



  • Case bound with image wrap on front and back cover
  • Coptic stitched
  • 190mm x 250mm
  • 92 pages
  • 40 photographs
  • Separate saddle stapled 16-page booklet