Make a Photobook took place in Studio 6 in Dublin's Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Over the course of three and a half days the RTI team and participating artist photographers worked collectively and individually on their book projects, exploring various strategies of visual storytelling through photobook form. The main purpose of the workshop was to lead participants down a path of discovery and to explore and experiment with the language of the book form. Meaningful decisions were made and each participant developed books rooted in carefully considered concepts. All aspects of the book production were given due thought, from selecting the opening image to choosing what colour thread would bind the book together. All details - small and big - were considered. These three and a half days of thinking and discussing, testing and experimenting, building and making culminated in the creation of four hand-bound dummy photobooks.


Books made at workshop

Freshening the place up

Cóilín O'Connell 

Freshening the place up focuses on plants and flowers outside of their 'natural' context - in man made locations - and explores the idea of plants in built environments as staged elements often strangely out of place.



  • Soft-cover
  • Singer stitched
  • 40 pages, Off-white Cyclus 140gsm
  • 44 images

The Middle Distant

Conor McMahon

The Middle Distant concerns a series of restored 35mm shots of a hoarding around a site in Dublin city, designed originally to present a particular vision for that site. The site itself I still remember today - no other purpose to it except as a kind of 'breath' between the cityscapes. And then it was gone, the sky filled in with purpose and people again. So that now - whenever I find myself there - I find it has indeed become a place to be and do.



  • Unbound accordion book
  • Concertina fold
  • 38 pages
  • 15 images

Terra Arisca

Diego Fabro

Over the past twenty years, the invasion of private lands by the landless peasant movements have evolved as a favored means of pushing for agrarian reform in Brazil. Terra Arisca explores territories stirred by the dispute for land in Brazil. Created during nighttime hours, mirroring the timing of land invasions, the images elicit a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty in a social landscape of constant psychological pressure. 



  • Soft-cover
  • Singer stitched
  • 40 pages, Mondi Colour Copy 160gsm
  • 19 images

Five Streets

Esther Moliné

I photographed five very different streets in Dublin in five mornings using one roll of black and white 35mm film for each street. I had never photographed or been to these streets before. What details would attract me from that fresh point of view? Would the shots give a feeling of each particular streets that locals could identify with or would my subjective view come out stronger?



  • Soft-cover
  • Coptic stitched
  • Fold out booklet in envelope at back of book
  • 48 pages, 6 4-page inserts, Off-white Cyclus 140gsm
  • 36 images