LOCATION: RTI HQ, Old Distillery Building, Dublin City
DATES: 22nd - 24th July 2016
WORKSHOP: Photobook dummy workshop
PARTICIPANTS: Denis O'Shea, Jean Dunne, Sophie Ebrey, Tommie Lehane


Denis O'Shea

This series, started in 2013, looks at lost bookmarks found in library books. These frequently makeshift items may have been hastily stuffed into a book, put there as place markers or for safekeeping and then forgotten. Despite the unrelated nature of such disperate objects, a synchronicity often arises between them. 

Books carry with them the traces of past readers and their lives, which have conspired to present a new visual and textual narrative. The work of photographing, in situ, these things found in books can be viewed as a collaborative process between the photographer and the unseen and unconscious action of unknown others.


  • Soft-cover
  • 72 pages in full colour
  • 172mm x 246mm
  • 33 colour images
  • Index booklet
  • Coptic-stitched, exposed spine
  • Cocoon Offset 120gsm 100% recycled

Jean Dunne

Jean Dunne's work was made in response to the work of Sydney Banks. Banks had an insight and saw we were all innately mentally well and that we are completely living in the reality of our thoughts. No exceptions. We are literally creating our own realities. We can only experience the world based on what thoughts we choose to believe. 'Don't believe everything you think'.


  • Soft-cover with printed graphic
  • 40 pages in colour and black and white
  • 8 hand-cut pages
  • 200mm x 200mm
  • 7 colour images, 13 black and white images
  • Saddle-stitched
  • Mondi Color Copy 160gsm

Sophie Ebrey

This project is a photographic and sociological analysis of how the edges, peripheries and boundaries between the urban and rural are experienced. This work questions how it feels as a cyclist to cross the ‘urban’ boundary into ‘the rural’.

Through photographs, participant observation and qualitative interviews, this project considers how Penge Cycle Club members recognise such a boundary, whether moving between seemingly different spaces might have specific meanings for individuals and how their personal biographies might influence sensory perceptions of the geographic edges between city and country.


  • Hard-cover with printed map graphic
  • 72 pages in full-colour
  • 148mm x 210mm
  • 29 colour images, text and map graphics
  • Text by Sophie Ebrey
  • Quotes by project participants
  • Coptic-stitched, swiss bound with exposed spine
  • Cyclus Offset 140gsm 100% recycled

Tommie Lehane

This work is the culmination of peeling away a little bit of the veil to reveal some of the nuances of Iranian life. The resilience of its women, the overwhelming problems of water, and the beauty of everyday life are some of the narratives that are touched on, in a land where nothing is ever as it first appears.


  • Hard cover with dropped image
  • 56 pages in full colour
  • 160mm x 225mm
  • 21 colour images
  • Text by Tommie Lehane
  • Poems by Hafez
  • Coptic-stitched, exposed spine
  • Cyclus Offset 140gsm 100% recycled