Make A Photobook:CORK - open call


Bookbinding 1: Singer + Japanese                                               Date: 29th July
Time: 10am - 1pm
Price: €65 (includes all binding materials)
Location: The Lord Mayor's Pavillion, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City
No. of Participants: Max 10 people

Bookbinding 2: Coptic                                                                    Date: 29th July
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Price: €65 (includes all binding materials)
Location: The Lord Mayor's Pavillion, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City
No. of Participants: Max 10 people  

We are pleased to invite you to join the RTI team for MAP:CORK, a mini series of workshops taking place during Cork Photo 2016. Over the course of two days the RTI team will guide workshop participants through some of the main stages of the photobook making process in three separate workshops. 

Singer + Japanese Binding Workshop                                     During this workshop, participants will be taught two traditional binding types: the singer stitch and Japanese stab binding. Making use of these techniques, workshop participants will create their very own handmade photo journal notebooks. Participants will have a choice of different card stocks and coloured threads to make their books truly one of a kind.               

Coptic Stitch Binding Workshop                                               During this workshop, participants will progress onto more advanced binding techniques and will be taught coptic stitch binding. Participants will be lead through each stage of creating a traditional thread sewn book, including folding sheets of paper and arranging them into signatures, stitching the signatures to create the book block, making the cover, and finally assembling their hardback notebooks.                                              

The aim of these workshops is that participants will not only leave with their own handmade notebooks, but also with the knowledge and understanding of how to use these binding methods for book projects in the future. Read That Image will also have photobooks on hand to show how these binding techniques are used within the world of photobook design.

Photobook Editing & Sequencing Workshop                                     This one-day workshop will be an introduction to the world of photobook making. During this workshop, participants will edit, sequence and bind their very own handmade photobook maquettes. While there will be some limitations in place such as pre-determined image layouts and book sizes, this will allow the focus of the workshop to be on image selection and sequencing; crucial elements at the beginning of any photobook making endeavour. The RTI team will guide participants through the process of making image selections and introduce them to various sequencing strategies, with sample photobooks to hand. Participants will also be shown a number of binding techniques and will hand-bind their own photobook maquette.

To submit to the Photobook Editing & Sequencing Workshop please send a selection of images from a body of work along with a project description via the submission form below. For any additional queries you can contact us at 

Submission requirements:

  • Short description of the body of work (max 200 words)
  • 10 - 15 images
  • Image format: JPEG, 72dpi, 1800px on the long side

Submission deadline: Friday 22nd July 6pm.

Photobook Editing and Sequencing Workshop                           Date: 30th July
Times: 10am - 5pm
Price: €155 (includes all printing and binding materials)
Location: The Lord Mayor's Pavillion, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City
No. of Participants: Max 9 people

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