The essential bookbinder’s tool kit

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The RTI Bookbinding Kit contains all the essential tools and materials to get you started on your bookmaking adventures. All tools are carefully selected and sourced from the UK's finest bookbinding suppliers. Paper and card stock is 100% recycled and all stationary is locally sourced in Dublin. 

Each kit contains: 
Awl for making holes
6" bone folder for paper folding
Craft knife for cutting paper
Pencil and eraser
15 metres of 100% linen thread
3 bookbinding needles
Binder clips and mount board
Paper and card stock

There are two kit options. The Essential Bookbinding Kit includes all tools and materials listed above. The Complete Bookbinding Kit also includes each of our Bookbinding Guides with step-by-step instructions for both the Singer-stitch and Japanese-stab binding methods. Kits are available in four colour options: blue, pink, yellow and green.