sophia vigne welsh

As part of her BA in Fine Art Media major project submission, Sophia Vigne Welsh chose to resolve her work in photobook form and approached the RTI team to collaborate with her on this project. Over the course of three days we worked with Sophia to develop her photographic project, 'Me in Place and the Place in Me', into a photobook which was conceptually and visually resolved. Using various elements of Sophia's practice, including photographic portraits, spray painting and textual passages, we produced three hand-crafted dummy photobooks.


Book made during workshop

Sophia Vigne Welsh

An exploration of the ephemeral experiences of youth as they navigate educational institutions through a series of portraits and conversations. A cathartic process which attempts to de-stigmatise alternative paths of eduction. Through this work Sophia hopes to open up a conversation about what it means to be educated vs schooled.


  • Hardcover with spray painted title
  • 84 pages in full colour
  • 176mm x 250mm
  • 36 colour images
  • Quotes from interviews between Sophia Vigne Welsh and project participants
  • Excerpt from 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • Exposed spine, swiss binding
  • Indigo uncoated 170gsm
  • Dummy edition