St. Kevin's College Workshop


In our very first college workshop as part of the RTI Workshop Programme, we took up residence in St. Kevin's College, Crumlin. The workshop covered all elements of the photobook making process, from making the first edit to sewing the last stitch, and everything in between. In the spirit of the the college environment, the students and the RTI team worked collectively to edit, sequence, layout, design, print and bind each book. Over the course of three days the RTI team and participating students debated and deliberated, printed and pasted, stitched and sliced, resulting in the production of 8 unique hand-crafted dummy photobooks. 


Books made at Workshop


Alisha Doody

This project is an ongoing series showing the intimidating and personal journey I have made into psychotherapy. After more than ten years of receiving treatments for anxiety and depression, followed by relapses, this is my first time looking to psychology for the answers. Photography is therapeutic in itself, I have found that it has given me a voice and a means to communicate the emotions and daily practicalities that exist with these conditions and this work is a visual display of my experiences to date.



  • Hard-cover
  • Unbound cover held together with rubber band, inside booklet hand sewn
  • 24 pages
  • 74 photographs

Off The Road

Karolina Ostrowska

Romania is hypnotic. Romania is a fairy tale. Where one goes deep into the landscape and simultaneously in the depths of time. Where decay walks hand in hand with growth. New coming, but the past also continues. Because almost everything is the same as it was before. Almost nothing has changed. "At the end of life, during which I met many countries and have read many books, I came to the conclusion that the right has a Romanian peasant. This man, who does not believe in anything, who thinks that man is a loser, that nothing can be done, that history crushes him." - Emil Cioran




  • Soft-cover
  • Singer stitched
  • 36 pages
  • 23 photographs


Josef Kovač

This body of work is part documentary, part diary, the friction between past and present. It’s a reflection of a personal journey and a documentation of ‘transient’ people here in Ireland. Although this project may reveal more questions than answers it highlights the social issues of displacement and identity that exist in this world.



  • Soft cover
  • Swiss bound, singer stitched
  • 54 pages
  • 25 photographs


Tony Byrne

The  Phoenix Park for me has always being a kind of beauty and the beast scenario. Its location within Dublin city adding to the drama of this place of stunning serenity. My body of work focuses on areas of the park were people have been murdered. I want to suggest and evoke the hidden histories that lay amongst the scenic landscapes of the Phoenix Park.



  • Soft cover
  • Swiss bound, singer stitched
  • 26 pages
  • 13 photographs

I would love to go but can never leave

Kevin Buckley

This project for me is about transitions, points in one’s life that reveal a chance to change, a possibility to alter direction. This work can relate to youth anywhere in the world, that period where all of us eventually have to make decisions and possibly venture out into the unknown – leaving the comfort and security of the past behind.

  • Hard Cover
  • Coptic bound 
  • 24 pages
  • 17 photographs


Ciaran Cummins

‘Closure’ is a series of images surrounding the passing of my Father, from both before and after his death. The images are both intimate and abstract and show the pain of loss and the release from the suffering that Alzheimer’s brought to my Father. Photography was my coping mechanism, I captured images with no real intent other then to distract myself from what was real, and from the hurt that comes with loss. Photography both connected me to the past and to my Father - but also offered me 
closure and allowed me to move on. ‘Closure’ documents this time and allows you 
brief access to a very intimate and personal journey.

  • Soft Cover, unattached to the pages
  • Coptic bound 
  • 32 pages
  • 15 photographs

He Said I'll Give You a Candy

Julia Delatowska


  • Hard Cover with window
  • Japanese bound 
  • 40 pages
  • 24 photographs